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MASASE entrepreneurship,S.A. is based on its human, technical, material and financial, that make up a production base capable of making the company every day more competent to better address the targets set within their global strategy.

In this sense, it has been a constant concern of MASASE,S.A. to form a block of technicians from different disciplinary backgrounds and different levels to form a supportive and enthusiastic group in the daily work.

The policy of MASASE, S.A. in the field of technology training of their staff has resulted in the consolidation of the originating jobs as possible or in formation in numerous jobs as fixed,that after the necessary training courses have proved a valuable asset to the company.


Nowadays Masase, S.A. is distributed as follows:

In terms of material resources has set MASASE, S.A. are included several tow trucks and lift arms to meet different types of work at height, specially equipped vans and all other means of installation and control proper in the electrical assembly activity and maintenance in the most diverse environments and conditions.

It is also important to mention that MASASE, S.A. has 600 m2 of offices, 800 m2 of warehouse and 5000 m2 of land for storage of large items of electrical and lighting systems that do not require to be under cover, all in a great location, next to the A-2 highway,in front of Madrid-Barajas Airport.