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MASASE, S.A. was established 1988 as a company dedicated to the accomplishment and execution of supply, installation, conservation, maintenance and improvement of Equipment and Services.

Throughout this time, MASASE, S. A. has consolidated various lines of business, beginning with Public Lighting installations in urbanisations, streets and highways and moving to the Standardization of Airspace Support Centers, through various electrical assemblies of High and Low Voltage, Transformer Substations, High Voltage underground power lines or lighting and buoying of platforms, runways and rolling tracks of major airports.

In the last years, MASASE, S. A., has opened a new line of business, dedicated to the maintenance of complex High and Low Voltage installations in airports, as well as the maintenance of Public Lighting system in major cities.

From the beginning, MASASE, S.A. has been growing with the constant concern to consolidate a core of highly experienced professionals, around of them beening integrated new technical developers that have been provided the latest technologies to give like fruit a human team with a high level of specialization in this type of work.